Newsletters are the best Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer Marketing Platform

While inexperienced social media influencers tend to turn to an influencer marketing hub to generate income by advertising on their social media feed, experienced social media influencers know that an influencer marketing hub is not the best platform for generating income as an influencer.

Newsletters should be the primary marketing platform that influencers use to generate income because they produce the highest, most consistent, and most enduring income.

Why do newsletters produce the best income for social media influencers?

Because they are so valuable to advertisers!

Why are newsletters so valuable to advertisers?

Newsletters are basically a mailing list of pre-qualified buyers in a common market, so they are the best channel for advertisers to market their products and services!

So, even if you are just beginning your journey as an influencer, you should be running a newsletter and growing your mailing list by publishing new content on a regular basis. This can even be as simple as publishing extra photos each week that were not posted on Instagram!

Before diving in further, a few definitions will be useful:

Open Rate

: the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

: how many people clicked on a hyperlink, or an image within a particular email. It can be calculated by taking the total number of clicks an email receives, and dividing that number by the total number of delivered messages.

Click To Open Rate (CTOR)

: the unique number of clicks divided by the number of emails opened. This tells you how well your email performed for people who opened the email.

Newsletters have high Open Rates

Open rates, click through rates, and click to open rates for emails and newsletters are generally much higher than alternative marketing channels.

The average email open rate is usually between 20%-25%, the click-through rate is usually between 5%-10%, and the average click-to-open rate is usually between 20%-30%.

This means that on average 5 - 10% of subscribers will click on a link in a newsletter.

Compare the 5 - 10% click through rate from email marketing to traditional pay per click advertising and social media advertising (sorted highest to lowest CTR).


Google Search Ads CTR - 1.55%


Facebook News Feed Ads CTR - 1.11%


Twitter CTR - 0.86%


Google Display Ads CTR - 0.47%


Instagram CTR - 0.22%


Linkedin CTR - 0.22%

So, even comparing the most effective CTR from from Google Search Ads of 1.55%, a newsletter CTR of 5 - 10% is 3 - 6 times more effective at getting a click than a Google Ad. This means that if you want to sell ads for your newsletter, a fair price you can charge is roughly 3 - 6 times the cost of a Google ad click, and even at that multiple you have plenty of room to move down in price and become more competitive against Google's pricing.

What does this mean in dollar terms?

Well, let's make a few assumptions:

A newsletter with 1,000 subscribers, has a click through rate of 10%, and Google Ads cost per click is $1.

This means that 100 subscribers would click on the ad. The comparative cost for 100 clicks from Google Ads would be $100. Making your newsletter worth about $0.10 per subscriber. If you publish one newsletter a week, your newsletter is worth around $400 per month to advertisers.

No Competition for views

Another great reason to use Newsletters as an influencer marketing platform is that nobody else is competing for the attention of your subscribers while they are reading your newsletters. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all designed with many other people on the platform fighting for attention while your followers are consuming your content.

Newsletters inherently remove all distractions for your readers.

Newsletters can be optimized for maximum impact

Influencer Marketing Hub Growth

There are many ways you can optimize your newsletter to maximize your open rates.

Position your newsletter at the top of your subscriber's inbox by tracking the time of day each of your readers opens your newsletter. Then schedule your newsletter to be sent a few minutes before the bulk of your subscribers usually open your newsletter.

Test different subject lines. Do your subscribers tend to open your newsletter more often when it has a longer title, or a more informative title?

Try different formats for the newsletter itself. This can include changing the length of the overall newsletter, the layout of photos and text, the length of each paragraph, and the number of photos and info graphics.

Once you see some of the changes to your newsletter begin to increase the open rate, click through rate or click to open rate, then you have a way to increase the effectiveness of your newsletter, which will increase its value.

Use Newsletters as your own Influencer Marketing Hub

Building your mailing list means that you are also building your own presence among potential marketing clients. Mixed in with regular subscribers, will be subscribers who are also looking for marketing channels (I call these client-subscribers). If your client-subscribers see that you have a great newsletter, consistently published at regular intervals, then you have an easy way to find new clients.

Add your email address at the end of your newsletter, with an eye-catching phrase when you are ready to build up your clientele. Anything along the lines of, "Want to advertise in this Newsletter?", followed by your e-mail address is a simple way to begin engaging directly with your client-subscribers.

Engaging directly with clients means you can save fees, and you dont need to resort to using another Influencer Marketing Platform or Influencer Marketing Hub, and you get to keep 100% of the profits for yourself!

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